Bill is one of my favorite writers in finance. He is an original thinker, with a deep knowledge of how markets work. That is a fine and rare thing. Many know Bill for his work in convertible bonds, but I have never thought of him as a specialist. His insights are too broad for that. He talks clearly about how markets behave and misbehave and, of course, how investors and their advisors can make that all work for them, instead of against them. I have told this to Bill already, but I tell it now to you: if I had read his first book much earlier, I would be that much wealthier now. Listen to Bill and profit from his insights. I have.

-Dr. John Seo, Co-founder & Portfolio Manager, Fermat Capital Management, LLC, Westport, CT.

Bill is the rare individual who combines superb analytical skills with the ability to communicate complex concepts in a straightforward manner. As a convertible bond portfolio manager, I have viewed his ratings system as a trusted and knowledgeable input in my investment process. Bill has sound judgment, great passion for his work and is an ideal partner.  Without a doubt, Bill has enhanced the performance of my funds with his clear insights and conclusions. I highly recommend Bill as a consultant and advisor. 

-Robert Salvin, Portfolio Manager, Putnam Investments, Boston.

I asked Bill if he could help my teenage daughters with their college essays. He showed them how to cut out the fluff (we had no clue how much fluff was there until Bill showed us) and focus on what differentiated them. After he worked with them, forcing them to get rid of everything they didn’t need and to include everything that really mattered, their essays were tight as drums. I never realized how much you can say with so few words. The essays told my daughters’ stories. Both of my daughters were admitted to their top-choice school, one of the most competitive programs in California. I can’t recommend Bill’s work highly enough.

-Robert Sasaki, CEO, K & S Company, Albany, CA.

Bill Feingold is a portfolio manager who cares about making money for his clients. During our time at Clinton he patiently taught the marketing team the ins and outs of convertible bonds and how to articulate his strategy to our potential clients. He is more than a portfolio manager. He is a team player, leader and someone I would be honored to work with anytime.

-Thomas Munster, Former Managing Director, Clinton Group LLC, New York.

I had the great pleasure of working for Bill during my first year in the investment industry. He is one of the absolute experts in convertible bonds, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn the basics of the asset class from him. While our time together was fairly brief, he has continued to be an incredibly valuable mentor and friend to me in my young career. He is a great analyst, skilled trader, prolific writer, and a fantastic teacher. He is passionate about markets and very driven and I would absolutely recommend him for any type of portfolio management, advisory or educational role.

-Sean Edelman, Analyst, Wellesley Asset Management, Wellesley, MA.

I was very fortunate to begin my career at Goldman working for Bill. Bill has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for life and teaching. He has a unique ability to make complicated topics easier to understand through real life examples and analogies.

-Kyle Judge, Vice President, Equity Capital Markets, Goldman Sachs, New York.

Bill has been a great teacher and mentor, challenging me to learn and think on my feet. Patient, decisive, and intellectual, I am very glad to have had Bill as part of my summer analyst experience.

-Bernadette Cay, Writer and Leadership Coach, Former Product Manager at Google and MoPub (acquired by Twitter), San Francisco. Bill was Bernadette’s mentor at Goldman Sachs.