Introducing Hillside Overall Convertibles Scores (HOCS) Index


Hillside Advisors is proud to introduce our innovative and proprietary HOCS(SM) (Hillside Overall Convertible Score) rating system for convertible bonds. HOCS(SM) rates a bond’s desirability from both practical and theoretical standpoints. It is the only quantitative convertible ranking system designed to focus on the distinctive risk/reward properties of convertible bonds. HOCS(SM) allows institutional and retail investors to quickly evaluate the desirability and suitability of individual convertible bond without the need to rely on complicated financial models available only to major institutions. With the introduction of HOCS(SM), Hillside Advisors hopes to bring better understanding of the convertible bond market and increase liquidity to the general investment public.

By using the HOCS(SM) scoring system, Hillside has also developed a new US convertible bond index, HOCS-100. It is a broad index of US convertible bonds weighted towards the top HOCS-ranked issues. It compares favorably on a risk-adjusted basis with other available indexes and ETF’s in the market.  European and global HOCS indices are forthcoming.

Founded in 2014 and led by Bill Feingold, a twenty-year veteran of the convertible bond market, Hillside Advisors is dedicated to research and consulting in convertible bonds and other liquid alternative products. Senior Hillside staff members have a combined 160+ years of experience in research, portfolio management, sales/trading and financial consulting in the equity, fixed-income and hybrid markets. Senior staff members publish on leading sites and are frequently interviewed and quoted by major financial media.  Hybrid Vigor, the firm’s flagship weekly newsletter, is widely distributed throughout the convertible market. We are also introducing HILAS (Hillside Income & Liquid Alternative Strategies),  a new monthly newsletter aimed at the financial-advisor and high-net-worth investor communities. 

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