Hybrid Vigor Volume 1 Issue 5

Welcome to the third week and fifth edition of Hybrid Vigor!

We're starting to get attention in the general media–the Philadelphia Inquirer noted our head of equity research Jeff Alton's thesis, expressed last week and reiterated today, that recent homebuilder weakness is creating a good entry point, especially in some smaller names.

Today we discuss a couple of trade ideas, provide earnings analysis and previews, and give you an updated "Hillside Ugly 20" list of names susceptible to loss as measured by our proprietary Hillside Adjusted Risk Points (HARP).

As always, we thank you for your interest, support, and encouragement.  We look forward to your continued feedback.  We hope you find our summer issues informative and thought provoking and look forward to welcoming yuo as subscribers this fall.

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Bill Feingold
Co-Founder and Managing Principal
Hillside Advisors LLC

Hybrid Vigor Volume 1 Issue 3

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the second week and third beta edition of our institutional flagship product Hybrid Vigor, the Hillside Convertible Advisory Letter. We're thrilled with the reception and feedback we've received thus far.  We hope Hybrid Vigor will become a standard part of your market review and idea generation processes. Please keep your feedback coming.

As a reminder, we plan to publish beta editions of Hybrid Vigor through mid-fall, at which point we will be going to a subscription-based model.

In today's edition we introduce a list of bonds that score favorably on our proprietary HARP (Hillside Adjusted Risk Point) measure--just because the market is expensive doesn't mean there aren't some decent-looking bonds out there.  Contrasting this list with the ones from last week has some strategic implications you may want to consider.  Our head of equity research, Jeff Alton, takes a brief tour through a couple of names on the list.

In addition, our contributor Roman Terekhin examines a group of health-care convertible issuers that might be takeover candidates, and estimates how the convertibles might be affected.

We also provide a quick update regarding recent developments at EZCORP, whose new issue we profiled last month on our website.

Finally, we begin to introduce our team to you, beginning with yours truly today.

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Thanks again for your interest and support!

Bill Feingold
Co-Founder and Managing Principal
Hillside Advisors LLC

New Issue: EZCorp $175 million Convertible Senior Notes

EZCorp’s (EZPW) proposed convertible issue looks attractively priced. The optics are certainly good—on the midpoints, a respectable enough 2.5% coupon in today’s world and an old-school premium in the low 30% range. The five-year bullet structure helps as well. With DFC Global getting taken out of the convertible market, there’s room for a new issuer in the payday loan/pawn space. The implied CDS of around 700 basis points leaves plenty of room for credit improvement.

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