A new year. A new president. Probably the same college football champion—tonight’s historic rematch will tell.

We’re in the midst of changes as well here at Hillside Advisors. One of note—Hybrid Vigor will no longer be a weekly publication.  We want to make every issue fresh and punchy and our resources are being pulled in many directions. So, our current plan is to go to a monthly product. Expect our next edition out in early February.

We thank everyone who has supported our weekly product. We published 135 editions.  The first couple of months we were publishing twice weekly, which we find hard to believe in retrospect.  We have been gratified by all the feedback and encouragement we have received. We are proud to have created innovative measures for analyzing convertibles and to have provided ongoing discussions of these measures along with fundamental research on many of the issuers.

We look forward to continuing as the voice of the convertible market.

All the best to all of you in 2017.

(This is the cover letter for the subscription-based weekly Hillside's Hybrid Vigor newsletter. For a complete copy, please contact John Anderson at + 1 (646) 712-9289 x 107).