Hybrid Vigor: Vol 1 Issue 18 "Just Another Small Cap Monday"

Dear Friends,

First, thanks to all of you who attended our cocktail gathering last week in New York. It exceeded our hopes. I think as inhabitants of a small market we need to strike a balance between competing with each other and collaborating for the greater good, and the latter theme abounded on Thursday.

Our San Francisco event on September 30 promises to be more of the same. We still would like to visit with convertible players in the City of Angels the next day— you folks will be resting while the Bay Area baseball teams are (hopefully) scratching out survival those days. Drop me a line, Angelenos, and let’s try to have a little event on October 1st.

In today’s issue we provide our traditional Hillside Ugly 20 list, as measured by HARP (Hillside Adjusted Risk Points). One of the mainstays of the list nearly fell off last week. We explain why.

We also discuss several small issues on a day that’s seeing small-cap names take quite a beating. Value is surely out there—it is just a question of finding it. Kent Bailey discusses Amarin, George Chuang covers the new Violin Memory deal, and Jeff Alton finds something new under the sun with DHT.

For good measure, Roman Terekhin recaps the Concur deal, which he’d discussed in a previous issue. If you hear a scream, it’s probably Roman after patting himself on the back.

One more thing. After getting a bunch of feedback from readers seeking Hybrid Vigor in more digestible bites, we will be going, beginning this week, to Mondays only for our main publication. We will also be posting more regularly on the “Our Insights” tab on our site, so please bookmark it (http://www.hillsideadvisors.com/ insights-blog/) and make a habit of stopping by. Future subscribers will receive e-mails when there is an update.


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